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Stuff I like to do:

  • Autos -I have a couple of old cars - a 1919 Dodge and a 1926 Dodge
  • Travel - My wife and I went to France a few years ago and stayed in a cave.  We have traveled to several  places in the Western US.
  • Self Employment - I'm self employed because I'm too ornery to work for anybody else.
  • Interest 1 - Alternative Building.  The art of building with low cost or locally available building materials.  Why must all houses be made with a cookie cutter--  sheetrock,  OSB and concrete. What did the pioneers use?  They couldn't run down to the local Home Depot.  Shelters were made from what they had around them.  Remnants of these ancient structures can be seen in many places.  Those with the desire can still build a simple or more complex experimental structure today.  Browse through my photo gallery to get some ideas.

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  • Interest 3 -

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