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Dave and AnnMarie We are Dave and AnnMarie Smart, living in Oakhurst, CA, USA. Although we have been retirees, we are studying life coaching, and Dave is starting his practice.

I (Dave) was BerkeleyBg also on TSN, (Berkeley Bag) seeing as how I lived in Berkeley, CA, USA for over 20 years, before 1989, and have relatives and friends presently in Berkeley.

I (Ann) am known also as Tania; I lived in Watsonville, CA, for many years before joining Dave in Oakhurst.
 Among our passions: We love each other. And - we consider the Sierra Nevada our home (notwithstanding the house and acre of property we legally own) meaning that, if

when we wake up in the morning we could not get to any part of it if we wanted to, we would not feel like getting out of bed.

I (Dave) am a retired electronics engineer, but have experience in many other things.

Bio's: DOB 10-18-38.  However,  I dont look my age.  (Oftentimes dont act it either).   I have a god-daughter: Winter.
My god-son, Jay Hartig, died January 26, 2005, at age 47.

Bio's: dob  3-9-40.  My daughter is Kathy. I also have my own website, check it out!

Friends of ours with websites: ArcyC;,Leslie Lawton, Herve Da Costa, Janna Lewis, also coaching colleagues Michael Harlow ,Susan Weeks ,.,Aejaie Sellers., Libby Gill, Juhree Zimmerman, Stephanie Lovinger, < Talesteena Miller

Otherwise, you might check out my essence presentation , or my causes.
   Our late dog Tyche has a page - a memorial tribute. Also, so do our cats Tippie!andHermes!
    Also check out our Christmas Card for 2010!

Flash! Transcendence Coaching and Mentoring is now on the web!! Check it out!

My current personal practice: I will develop receptivity, calmness, trust and authenticity as I practice restraint but with presence in relationships, especially community structured relationships.

hilouie@sierratel.com (click on photo)