Off-Grid Solar Alternative Energy

Off-Grid Solar Alternative Energy Solutions

We go where power lines don’t

Off-Grid Solar performs Alternative Energy consulting, design and installation advice in the Sierra Mountains near Yosemite National Park. With a background in Marine Electronics, Aerospace, as well as Test & Measurement, there has always been an ethic of designing and building extremely reliable systems for people who cannot afford to be without power.

My expertise comes from working in Silicon Valley during the boom years in the Test and Measurement industry for Hewlett Packard. After my wife and I retired, we bought a sailboat and logged 14,000 ocean miles, cruising both sides of Central America for nearly 10 years. The years at HP and on the ocean solidified the idea that people’s lives and well-being will depend on using the best design, materials and skill. Blending quality design with time-tested as well as the latest equipment is the focus of my philosophy.

Off-Grid Solar Alternative Energy

Talk to me about your project. I can help expand your dream of being independent and having all the good things provided to life away from power lines. Our creative personally tested solutions add value to your home and make the transition to off-grid living easy. I can also offer individual system purchase/sizing and on-site advice to allow you to do the installation. My system #1 cost is around $16K, installed by you, depending on the site. I base all my designs on solar tracking of the sun. Having the solar array follow the sun is the best way to insure charging during most weather conditions. In the foothills of the Sierra my systems often need less than 14 days of generator usage, for 2 hours each day annually. System #1 has an option for those desiring not to have to run a generator.

Solar domestic hot water, water catchment cisterns, heating/cooling, well power, and new home design review are other aspects on which I can advise you. Building codes and building departments are areas in which I can keep the sailing smooth. Off-grid living can be a satisfying and rewarding experience. My expertise can enable you to achieve this goal by avoiding common problems. Every aspect from buying the off-grid land, buying the best appliances, all of the electrical and electronics to consults with a University of California certified Master Gardener. We have done this many times so you can just concentrate on building or having a successful experience offgrid.

Surrounded by nature and living away from the hustle and bustle of urban life is the main attraction of this lifestyle. The correct offgrid design strategy tailored to your requirements will save you money. It will allow you to do what is important to you.

Advantages of Using Off-Grid Solar

  • Design and system install help to allow you to install better than most professionals.
  • Over 35 years experience in electronics, electrical trades and renewable energy.
  • Mountain home advice and consulting during critical phases of development.
  • Owner/builder consults to enable a do-it-yourself installation or management of others.
  • As a customer you will always be a phone call or e-mail away from advice.
  • All systems and the training to use them are straightforward and extremely safe.
  • Freedom from Utility bills. Our last one was in 1992. 20 years happily off-grid.
  • Systems completed worldwide! Only Off-grid, only the best. Anywhere!
  • Bear safe waste disposal, composting, and many other strategies for success.
  • The "Paper" (things I did when I built my off-grid house).
  • Wholesale pricing! No mark-up and purchase advice. Save up to 60% if you do the installation.
  • Heating and cooling for solar homes. Low power appliance selection.
  • Electrical Engineering and new product development testing.

Off-Grid Solar Alternative Energy

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